After the demise of George Floyd, a lot of protests have been held and some are still going on even in other countries aside the United States. Many countries in the Europe have taken part in this movement and Japan hopped in recently. With these protests, organisations have pledged millions of US dollars to eradicate racial abuse in various communities and countries. The National Football League (NFL) are making plans to give out 250 million US dollars over the next ten years to fight this racial system we have. the NBA has spoken up about racism as Adam Silver sent a memo to all of its teams.The NBA has sounded off about racism where Adam Silver even sent a memo to all of its teams.
Retired basketball player is concerned with the NBA who haven’t spoken up about this. An example is James Dolan, a figurehead in the NBA has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the black communities. Most NBA players are blacks and James hasn’t acknowledged the fact that they are all going through tough moments as old videos of racial abuses against black guys are making them lose it. On the appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Kendrick Perkins respectfully blasted NBA owners and made it clear that it makes a bad example to players who have hopes for some leadership and solidarity.
However, the NBA starts next month and the players are expected to report for the beginning of the season. Most players are reluctant as this BLM matters a lot to them and they don’t want to distract the protest. They are expecting something to be done before they assume full work.

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