Unlike other sneakers, the Nike Air Jordan 1 has a lot of modifications and colorways that are being created every now and then. Particularly this year, there have been numerous announcements on new releases which is making sneaker lovers and the world as a whole go crazy for their sneakers. Due to their way of advertisement, about half of all the products released into the market get sold out within an hour which is not usual for other sneakers. This most sought after brand has way of giving the society what they need and their products are always appreciated and admired as they come out differently every time.
This new sneaker has a cuff with a zip that makes it removable and replaceable. It is a high-top sneaker officially but removing the cuff makes it cooler too. This model has since made the fans amazed and nervous to get their hands on this product but the date of it’s release is not yet out. Today , zsneakerheadz posted on their page that this model should be expected to be released early 2021.
The exact date for the release is not yet announced but stay put as we will bring you latest news on the Air Jordan 1 removable cuff sneaker.

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