Onlyfans is a content subscription application where people can make some money if people subcribe to their accounts. Onllfans has recently been publicly known to be mainly used to showcase porn by porn actors. It is quite surprising what this Hiphop star signed up on onlyfans for. Boosie started this with allowing strippers and girls from allaround the world go naked and twerk on his instagram live videos. He probably thought of making money out of this hence, he started onlyfans so people would have to pay in other to have pleasure from his page. His onlyfans account costs $29.9 USD per month in other to view his content. Seems the rapper is happy with his new source of income as he bodly writes “Tune In “World Wide M****kin announcement United States, Italy, Dominican Republic’, Log on right now subscribe to my onlyfans. “I got the best Onlyfans in the world.”, Instagram can’t stop this M*****ka “under his recent instagram post.Looks like he is going to make huge sums of money as he has the fame and people would want to know what he will be really doing whether he will be sleeping with women on his page or pay for people to have sex on his page.
Drop your thoughts about this decision of Boosie.

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